Homepage-Hero-CarBentley Continental GT is well defined as a result of the Grand Touring of nail-biting 550hp twin-turbo V12 growls under the hood of this car. It is an ideal exotic car on the highway just as it is on a city street. Bentley Continental GT shows an amazingly detailed luxury wood-trimmed interior which is complete with a Breitling analog chronograph and the newest GPS-based navigation system.

One of the most remarkable features of Bentley Continental GT is its electronically controlled adjustable suspension system. At the touch of a button, it could vary 4 steps between the comfort mode. It is a perfect match to glide you over the most agonizing of the potholes in Austin and Dallas to all-out sport mode that immediately puts the car on the rails and offers the driver with unmistakable control, road feedback, stability and performance handling. Bentley Continental GT is really an exotic hybrid and a supercar.

You can enjoy this hybrid car even if you do not have millions of huge thousands of dollars. The only way to do this is to hook up with Bentley Continental GT rental Austin, Dallas who is ready to give you as a test drive before you finally invest your little cash for any events you want to make remarkable. The car is a new four seat convertible that completes the continental model range together with the Continental GT coupe and the Continental Flying Spur sedan. The Bentley Continental GT offers the element of open top motoring with the performance and style of the Continental GT. Anytime you are inside Bentley Continental GT, you will be different, elegance and unique when compared to other exotic cars because the interior is a showcase of exquisite design and craftsmanship with a classic mix of leather hides and wood veneers that helps to create a competitive and timeless outlook. Who says you cannot make a fashion statement? Just give Bentley Continental GT rental Austin, Dallas a try and see how you will command attention in your street, in the city and even anywhere you step into in the whole world.