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The new version of Bentley Continental GTC offers similar enhancements with its coupe stable-mate together with the sheer exhilaration of open-top driving. Do you know any better reason why you need to live a life more spontaneous? Everyone know that Bentley Continental GTC is the prodigious car with W12 twin-turbo engine which brings a fresh variable  displacement system which combines the greater output to the lower emissions and the power to a amazing 590 PS. You will surely feel the performance instantly that you slide your hands round the redesigned steering wheel as your fingers is a touch away from the column-mounted paddle-shift gear selectors.

At the exterior part is the new model of iconic grille which has been transformed from gloss black to brighter chrome that suit the W12-engined stable-mates. The interior part of the cabin comprises of the new steering wheel together with paddle-shift gear selectors that attracts a supremely promised grip and the redesigned and increased storage is all you need even that must be closer to your hand.

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